Whether you are evaluating Prometheus, want to optimize an existing setup, or troubleshoot problems — we are here to help. We are available to consult remotely via email or video calls, but also open to on-site engagements.

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We offer in-person training as well as online webinars, ranging from the absolute Prometheus basics to advanced operational questions. Let us help you get started on the right foot with Prometheus!

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As Prometheus experts we can help you implement features both in the open-source project as well as perform custom integration work for your environment. We also build commercial tools around Prometheus, such as PromLens.

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We create products that make Prometheus easier to use, such as the PromLens query editor, visualizer, and explainer for PromQL:

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Prometheus Open-Source Work Sponsors

We are very thankful for the following companies for sponsoring PromLabs to contribute open-source development and community work related to the Prometheus project on an ongoing basis:

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About Us

PromLabs was founded by Prometheus co-founder and PromCon founder Julius Volz. After helping companies around Prometheus for several years as a freelancer, PromLabs builds on that experience with extended service and software offerings. Besides consulting, training, and custom integration work, PromLabs creates commercial productivity tools around Prometheus, such as PromLens. PromLabs is based in Berlin, Germany.

Relationship to Prometheus

Prometheus is an open-source project initially co-created by PromLabs founder Julius Volz. Its assets and trademarks are now owned by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, and the project is controlled by a large team of people from multiple organizations, via a documented governance process. While PromLabs is focused on offering products and services all around Prometheus, it does not own or control the upstream open-source project beyond individual voting rights in the governance team.