This 5-hour training will take place online on December 3, 2020 at 5pm UTC / 6pm CET / noon EST / 9am PST.

The training includes:

  • Prometheus co-founder (Julius Volz) as your live trainer
  • Online webinar-based training via Zoom
  • Detailed instructional material covering all training topics
  • Interactive querying exercises to make sure you can apply what you have learned
  • Enough time to ask questions and discuss training topics
  • PromLens integration as an instructional tool in the training to aid the understanding and construction of queries
Visualized PromQL query


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Training outline

Subject to minor changes, the training follows the following outline:

  • Locating PromQL in the Big Picture
    • What is PromQL?
    • PromQL Execution in Prometheus
    • Use Case Overview
  • Data Model Refresher
    • Time Series Data Model
    • Metric Types
  • Basic Querying
    • Using the Expression Browser
    • Using PromLens
    • The Training Demo Service
    • Selecting Series
    • Rates and Derivatives
    • Aggregating Over Dimensions
    • Arithmetic
  • Interlude: PromQL Language Theory
    • PromQL's Nested Structure
    • Expression Types
    • PromQL Node Types
    • Query Types and Evaluation Time
  • Advanced Querying
    • Working with Histograms
    • Thresholds and Filtering by Value
    • Set Operators
    • Working with Timestamp Metrics
    • Sorting and topk / bottomk
    • Inspecting Scrape Health
    • Dealing with Absent Series
    • Aggregating Over Time
    • Subqueries
  • Bonus (in case of spare time): More on Instrumentation & Alerting Best Practices and Pitfalls
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